Griffin, Kate -- The Glass God (Magicals Anonymous, 2)

Sharon Li, London shaman, has more adventures. I mean problems. The Midnight Mayor's ever-cheerful personal assistant turns up with doughnuts and compliments and, by the way, Matthew Swift has disappeared, can you maybe help out? Also there are cryptically terrifying hints of oncoming destruction yes those again.

In addition to Kelly the PA, we get return engagements of the Tribe (the thematic opposites of the Fay from Neon Court); Dr. Seah; and, inevitably, ultimately, the Midnight Mayor himself. (The blue electric angels turn up much earlier, which is not good news for anybody.) Plus of course the gang from the first Anonymous book. You might think the series is getting a little claustrophobic -- except that there are serious hints of moral screwed-ness bubbling up under the farce and occasional romance. The Midnight Mayor is supposed to be the necessary blade of cleansing fire... but this is not his series and "necessary" is a lot more unsettling when the sane/likeable characters carry it. Not sure where this is going but I think I'm going to enjoy it.

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