Gladstone, Max -- Two Serpents Rise [e-book purchase]

Same world as Three Parts Dead, different city, different characters. This time we get a crazy mix of West Coast influences: the big city in the desert, Aztec-ish blood sacrifice, water politics. And, of course, megacorporations which are sort-of-not-exactly religions.

It would be easy, in this world, for the author to keep focussing on Craft people and their enormous powers. They remain central to the plotting (they are the movers and shakers of the world, literally) but this time we get a protagonist with a different focus. And a nice variety of side characters, too. Will keep reading these as long as the author wants to crank them out, and if the author wants to try a different series, I'll read those too.

Addendum: I just discovered that the author has done an interactive text game set in this universe: Choice of the Deathless. (Same CYOA-with-stats model as Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Romance, that series of games.) I should write a review.

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