Enge, James -- The Wolf Age

Third book about Merlin's cranky, alcoholic son, now abruptly kidnapped by werewolves. Unlike the previous book, this is unquestionably a novel. Morlock Ambrosius is not unquestionably the protagonist; I think he winds up being the weird foreign sidekick of his werewolf cellmate. Hint: they escape. Battles and electoral politics ensue. (Werewolves love elections. They're pack sapients! Who can fight to the death and heal it all back at moonrise! Now imagine what their election rallies are like.)

There is also an evil wizard and a bunch of very Leiberian gods, none of whom I am particularly convinced by. Unfortunately the wizard sort of takes over the plot, and not in a good way. It's still a fun book, and I am thoroughly charmed by a (good) wizard whose first reaction to any problem is to invent, but I feel like each of these books is a mix of story and random crap the author thought would be cool to throw in. I'd love it if the random crap seemed to be going anywhere, arc-wise.

Footnote: Okay, I get it that the cosmology is not remotely Copernican or even Aristotelian. I'm still not comfortable with the sun rising in the west, not unless we get a non-solar account of what "west" means.

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