Ellis, Warren; Rodriguez, Ivan -- Doktor Sleepless: Engines of Desire

Good to know that Warren Ellis is still Warren Ellis, or at least he was in 2008. (The series seems to have fallen into a hole for reasons that -- well, if the data-loss story I found on Warren Ellis's web site turned up in a Warren Ellis comic book, everybody would snort and say "typical Warren Ellis over-the-top gonzo story". Thus does real life make monkeys of us all.)

This book will feel familiar to Transmetropolitan fans, but it's not a retread. Rather, I get the sense that the author wasn't satisfied with how Spider Jerusalem was received -- too self-congratulatory, too easy to superfically identify with? -- and is now trying again; a little closer to the present and a little closer to the bone. Doktor Sleepless is self-admittedly a fiction created to make a point; John Reinhardt tells us this on the first page. I know I'm projecting, but I hear Ellis's voice shouting "...and listen this time goddammit!"

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