Duane, Diane -- The Big Meow [e-book purchase]

Picking up a series after ten years is a hard climb for any author. The Big Meow began appearing in 2006, on the author's web site, but it fell off the radar for a while. Happily, Duane is shipping novels again, and this is one of them.

Worth the wait? It was fun, but I've never been hit by the cat-wizard books quite as strongly as the better Nita+Kit novels. And the basic composition of the wizardry universe is getting a little long in the tooth. The N+K series deals with this by allowing the protagonists to grow up and encounter more complexity in their world, but for an adult cat and her coworkers, this metaphor doesn't hold up. I'm not saying it's not fun, mind you; it's just getting... workaday.

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