Doyle, Debra; MacDonald, James D. -- Price of the Stars (Mageworlds, Book 1) [re-read]

Doyle, Debra; MacDonald, James D. -- Starpilot's Grave (Mageworlds, Book 2) [re-read]

Doyle, Debra; MacDonald, James D. -- By Honor Betray'd (Mageworlds, Book 3) [re-read]

I picked this trilogy up at least a decade ago, but it didn't leave much of an impression. Figured I'd go through it again. Conclusion: it's a pleasant but lightweight space-opera (unsubtly "Star Wars less stupid") which I will probably have forgotten again in another decade.

Good points: the authors know both medical practice and how life really works in the military. (Sure, it's a very U.S. Navy sort of far-future starship military, but if Battlestar Galactica can be functionally identical to the U.S. Air Force...) And the plot threads do come together very tidily at the end.

I guess at some point (in the next decade) I should read the follow-on series.

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