Connolly, Harry -- Child of Fire

New urban fantasy (but not romance) series. There is magic out there; and it's a really bad idea. If your power doesn't come directly from the world-devouring extradimensional demons, it's liable to attract their attention. Therefore, the Twenty Palaces Society go out looking for nascent magicians -- and shut them down. Hard. They are not nice people. The protagonist in this book is not a wizard, although he has a couple of tricks; he's the henchman, or hench-stalking-horse, of a shit-scary Twenty Palaces operative. She's a sociopathic goal-obsessed magic hunter; he's a chauffeur with "expendable" tattooed on his forehead; they fight crime^H^H^H^H^H demons! This is a great start for a series; both the main characters and the small-town multi-sided old-bad-blood drama they stumble into get a lot of depth, and the demons (and other nasties) are satisfactorially awful. Yes, I'm including the scary wizard lady in with "nasties", and yet we see where she's coming from as well. I look forward to learning more about the Society.

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