Carey, Mike -- The Naming of the Beasts [e-book purchase]

Fix Castor book five, and the conclusion of a major plot arc. Not, indeed, a conclusion to the series, for we are just starting to discover that the twenty-year-old re-emergence of ghosts (zombies, demons, etc) into the modern world was just the leading edge of... we don't know yet, because the author hasn't written the next book. But probably bad news for the breathing-enabled segment of the human race.

In this book, Asmodeus is loose and making life hell for Castor. Of course. Also, something is wrong with Juliet, which is a terrific plot tag any way you look at it. (Juliet is supposed to be a sociopathic sex demon. And not Sherlock-style woobie-sociopath, either.) So Castor has to team up with the real monsters, and it's all fun and near-fatal beatings from there.

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