Bear, Elizabeth -- Shattered Pillars

Boy and magic pony (and girl, and wizard) continue not-exactly-a-quest. I say "not exactly" because most of the characters are pretty well pinned down through most of this book. We have politics in one city, a plague in another, occasional rocs, and ghoul politics in the city of Erem. (You know, "of the Pillars". This is a nasty ruined city of Erem/Iram/Ubar, in a way which flows very nicely from the books' psychoastronomical conceit.)

I think this series is best read in close proximity. I remembered everybody from the first book, after the book reintroduced them, but I had trouble remembering what everybody in the first book was doing. Ah well. Third book has been turned in, according to the author. If you want to speed-gulp the series you can probably do it next year sometime. If you want to wallow in awesome bits right now, you can do that.

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