Bear, Elizabeth -- All the Windwracked Stars

Ragnarok part two! And a half! With an iron pony! By Elizabeth Bear! Midgard is long since lost, and the gods with it; as this begins, the valkyries are losing the fight for the next world. One survives, and then has two thousand years to wait as the mortal race -- not realizing that their world has ended -- invent technology, and technomancy, and then fuck up what's left. This is not a cheery book. Elusive and allusive and I've used those before, too, haven't I? Bear can pull story elements out of the air in clumps -- the World-Tree, animal underpeople, Fenris Wolf, university students -- each half a paragraph before it hits the page, for all I know -- and make them all fit in the same story. Successfully. It is my utter shallowness which makes me remember the title as "The Farting Suns".

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