Barlowe, Wayne -- God's Demon

Yes, that Barlowe. (He's the artist who invented all the alien lifeforms in the current Avatar movie. Okay? Okay.) So, a while ago Barlowe published an art-book of paintings of Hell. Then, it seems, he decided to write a novel for which they were the art. It's not bad, but it's not as good as his paintings. Barlowe is (unsurprisingly) superb at describing sensory detail; Hell is vivid in all its meat-ridden inverse-glory. The plot and characters, not so vivid. There's a rebellion in Hell, and all the people (demons mostly) that he painted get shoehorned in. I liked the idea of a natural ecosystem of hell, complete with aborigines, from before the fallen angels fell in; but not much is done with it.

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