Balder, Rob; Noguchi, Jamie -- The Battle for Gobwin Knob (Erfworld, book 1)

The first collection of the Erfworld webcomic. A wargamer grognard from our world is snatched, Cheeto stains and all, into a fantasy kingdom at war. The gag is that Erfworld's laws of nature are wargame rules -- territories are hexagonal, every sentient creature has stats, and you can only attack in turn order. Everything, but everything, is a terrible pop-culture pun. So the gimmick is that, despite this, it is all completely serious: the creatures there live out their lives with the hopes and concerns and terrors (and sometimes terrible jokes) of any fictional or real world. The author carries it all off pretty well. Since it's a webcomic, you can read it all online, so don't take my word for it.

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